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Massage therapy is a practice that goes back in time for hundreds of years, it involves manipulating the soft tissue and muscles to alleviate to relieve tension. Massage therapy has become a widely recognized form of alternative health care, just about anyone can benefit from it.

Do Health Insurance Companies Cover Massage Therapy?

Several large health care companies are now including prescribed massage therapy as part of their coverage. Some of the companies offering coverage for massage therapy include Aetna, Cigna Health Care, U.S. Health Care, Prudential Insurance, Oxford Health Coverage, Kaiser Permanente, Great West Life and Insurance, and many others.

It is becoming common practice to prescribe massage therapy after an auto accident, for on the job injuries, during pregnancy, for relief from pain and stress, for back pain, and many others. Health insurance companies tend to develop plans in response to the demands of the marketplace, and there has been increasing demand to cover massage therapy. In addition, some companies are also offering massage therapy to their employees in the workplace as part of the benefits package. Some companies have a therapist on staff to provide assistance and support on an as needed basis.

Is Massage Therapy Included in Your Health Coverage?

Whether or not your massage therapy is included as part of your health coverage may depend on the state you live in, each state (and your specific plan) varies in what is allowed or covered In most all cases you will need a prescription in order for your massage therapy to be covered by your insurance. There are many different types of massage therapy (such as Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, pregnancy, sports, back reflexology, and many others), but specifically what is covered will be determined by how your prescription is written and what the nature of your requirement for therapy actually is.

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